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Social Responsibility



JV Driver’s core values of “Taking Care of Each Other” and “Building Great Things” don’t only involve those directly working for or connected to JV Driver. This dedication extends to the communities in which we work and beyond. This commitment is illustrated through such events as: 


Head Shaving for Cancer research, where Members of the executive team and many others participated getting their heads shaved for Cancer Research

The Creation of “Team Frog” who raised funds through participation in the “Weekend to End Breast Cancer"

The support of a little girl through World Vision who is from Rwanda. Her name is Domina Nikuze

The Building of a new playground in Fort McMurray, to support the growing community



JV Driver also supports

  • Stollery Children’s Hospital
  • Crohn’s & Colitis Fundraiser
  • The Zebra center, through staff fundraising and awareness
  • The Mustard Seed Church, through staff volunteering and the donation of gifts
  • The Cancer Foundation: Kicks for Cancer, Weekend to End Breast Cancer, Ride to Conquer Cancer
  • Co-op students program
  • MS Society of Canada
  • Haiti Relief
  • Santa’s Anonymous
  • Crisis Centres
  • Shelters and Soup Kitchen’s

Company Culture




JV Driver has 4 core values that we live by:

Build Great Things

This value started with the construction of large co-generation, froth, extraction, potash as well as other large facilities. We have taken this value and began to demonstrate it throughout the departments. We have built great relationships with our employees and partners so much so that we have been successful in building large projects in remote locations while keeping morale high with special events. Such events include the time when our employees raised over $80 000 by shaving their heads for Cancer Research. 

Be Innovative

Being Innovative” illustrates JV Driver’s continued goal to bring innovative solutions to every facet of Industrial construction, providing elevated value to our clients. Innovation applies to the vertical structure of our service offering and the way services are provided, whether it be the “Single Site, Single Source” solution or the expansion of our labour strategies. However, this dedication to innovation goes beyond service offerings and is evident in the development and empowerment of all members of the team. 

Taking Care of Each Other

We have different scheduling options available depending on the project you will be servicing. Some examples are condensed work weeks (4 days on, 3 off) or longer rotations (20 days on, 8 days off). We also offer flexible daily work hours to fit in with lifestyle. 


Have Fun

We have BBQ's every summer to celebrate Safety Milestones at our projects as well as fireside chats with our executive team and project completions.

In order to attract and retain top talent, we believe it is important to provide competitive salaries.  We analyze market trends regularly and pride ourselves in paying above average salaries.

Learning and Development

JV Driver’s training department stands by our core value of “building great things” which includes our people. We recognize that people are our most valuable resource and are committed to the continuous improvement and development of our team. We are devoted to ensuring that commitment is realized. We offer a variety of training both in house and externally to help our team take their career to the next level.

 JV Driver encourages professional development by allotting up to 6% of an employee’s salary for training annually. We encourage participation in professional organizations; employees have the option of having JV Driver pay for one professional designation per year.

 We have a variety of innovative programs on the horizon. We are currently launching a full scale corporate library where employees can learn about a variety of professional, leadership, developmental and job specific skills. A busy workforce means less time to read so we have taken the next step and have most of our resource books available on audio.

 We are creating a companywide program to enhance the skills of our employees, promote cross training, and ready the next generation of managers. Our goal is to systematically catalogue the skill sets of each employee and the required skills for each role within the company, we will use this system to then develop a curriculum and training plan to bridge the gap between employees’ current and target skill sets in order to move them into the next role within the organization.

 We do not want to only focus on business; JV Driver is committed to family and family values. We are also planning the development of a program to help our employees achieve their personal goals and dreams

Working for JV Driver is not another job, but a Career.  We have a growing training fund which is used to ensure that employees reach their top potential and can work in any aspect of our company that they choose.   As a project based company, we do our best to transfer our valued employees to other projects as one ends.

Working Environment

We have both private and large, open workspaces accompanied by a state of the art HVAC system to ensure each department is comfortable. 

Our corporate office offers a large, modern common employee lounge stocked with ovens, stove tops, microwaves, fridges, freezers, dishwashers as well as several other small appliances to make your meals.  It also features both high-top and dining-room style wood tables with a lounging area equipped with a foosball table.

We offer all of our staff employees complimentary access to our onsite fitness facility stocked with an elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike, free weights, weight machine, Wii Fit and other fitness accessories.

Work/Life Balance

We take Work/Life Balance and take it one step further to a Work/Life Integration.  This is executed by empowering our employees to work with their manager in creating a schedule that works for both the employee and the company.  We also provide an on-site fitness center which you can utilize beofre or after work or even over your lunch break.

Competitive Benefits

JV Driver is committed to providing employees with a competitive benefit package that reflects its core value of “taking care of each other.” Employer paid benefit premiums, employee and family assistance program, employer RRSP contributions, an employee training fund, and a scholarship program are just a few benefits that employee’s of JV Driver receive.


Foundations for a Solid Future!


JV Driver plays an essential part in major industrial projects across Canada. By offering more than just technical expertise and a commitment to quality, we provide our clients with innovative, efficient solutions, and our team members with a safe, growth-oriented work environment. Join the team that won WorkSafe Alberta's Best Safety Performer four years running!


Join JV Driver, it's the perfect place to build your future!