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Innovation – Real Time Equipment Inspection Reporting

It wasn’t too long ago that the equipment group completed, assembled and packaged, by hand, their inspection sheets and auxiliary information, then batch submitting their inspection report packages. It then took time for the package to be received, sorted and reviewed. Only once this process took place could equipment be schedule for repair, maintenance or…

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Winter Safety – Dress for the Temperature

Summer is over and Winter is here! Up north in Edmonton, unlike those teams in beautiful Arizona or Houston, that means the weather will begin to slowly move its way below freezing. People often don’t think about their clothing and safety being related, but it can be an extremely important factor in your personal safety…

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Innovation – The Mity Mite

The Mity Mite Pipe Puller Built In The USA by JV Driver Fabricators The innovative Mity Mite is a one-of-a-kind expansion joint compression tool used for pipe pulling and the installation of concrete pipe, concrete box culverts, precast concrete steel cylinder pipe, and ductile iron pipe. It is designed, manufactured, and tested out of our…

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Our People – Industry Spotlight

We recently had the chance to sit down with Mike Ho, JV Driver’s Welding Guru, and ask him a few questions! Often referred to as ‘Yoda,’ Mike is well known and respected in the welding industry. Over the years, Mike has travelled all over the world, training both welders and welding instructors. Mike often works…

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Construction Leadership in AWP Training and Safety

Construction leadership and safety training

At JV Driver we believe in “Thinking Different and Building Better” in everything we do, this includes going one step further and bringing innovation to our AWP training, by using practical applications on top of our industry standard work. This was the idea behind our Aerial Work Platform (AWP) obstacle course, which allows our employees…

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The Single Site, Single Source Fabrication Model is Your Best Option

JV Driver Fabricator’s “single site, single source” model benefits our clients in two important ways: by one, giving them the best value possible and two, creating schedule certainty. In the Alberta market, with module and pipe projects (most module yards do their own pipe fabrication, but not steel), their products have to be transported to…

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Does Offshore Fabrication and Module Construction Save You Money?

Pipe and Steel Fabrication and Module Construction

The results don’t lie In this era of low oil prices, it is no surprise that project owners are looking for ways to increase productivity and cut capital costs in every safe way they can. One way that project owners have tried to cut costs is by sourcing their fabrication of steel overseas, to areas…

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The Importance of Stretching in Construction

At the JV Driver Group we understand construction and fabrication can be hard work and we’re committed to doing anything and everything it takes to keep our employees safe and that includes doing a short but effective daily stretch before we begin our workday. It is one of the often-overlooked ways to prevent on-site injuries…

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