A Commitment to Safety

JV Driver’s commitment to our Safety Culture has seen the group operate for over 20 years without a Lost time Accident in the field.

Constant Pursuit of Safety Excellence

At JV Driver Group we are relentless about safety.  Our never-ending pursuit to ensure no one gets hurt – ever.  Our constant innovation and investment has resulted in world class safety results and injury prevention. An example of these results is our Industrial Enterprise TRIR of 0.15 for 2015. Others have recognized our expertise in safety with many accolades and awards, with our most recent being the Shell Global CEO HSSE and SP award in 2015. This award is only given to the best safety performers around the globe.

At JV Driver Group our innovation-driven Core Purpose is to “Think Different, Build Better” and this is nowhere more evident than in our approach to safety. At its heart our safety effectiveness is based in our investment in the development and use of ground-breaking programs and tools. These approaches are created internally and through the adoption of best practices from around the globe. In fact, many our best ideas come from the people at the workface. To support this grass roots approach we have dedicated on and off-site working sessions, like our annual 3 day Safety Conference, to develop and implement new ideas and refine existing ones. In addition, we have systematic innovation development component as part of living our “Think Different, Build Better” Core Purpose through which we nurture, implement and recognize the amazing ideas of our people.

Training is a key component of safety implementation and we are always looking for new ways to teach and reinforce ideas. To this end we have adopted various platforms, including use of video and social media to create easier access to the information especially for those who work shift at remote locations. A example of this innovation is the multi-media version of our Safety Manual for use on computers and mobile devices.

Ultimately, we don’t just want to talk about how we do safety we want to show you. Below are some video examples of our programs and training – take a look.



Examples of Our Safety Programs and Tools

These Programs have had major impacts on safety. Through the use of new techniques and technology including data analytics we are producing world class results that matter.

The Vigilance Program

We all see the world differently, and we all accept various degrees of risk, but to protect the things we love most requires vigilance, “the act or state of being on constant watch for possible danger or difficulty” – this video talks about how the program started as we strive to connect with the people who face the most risk everyday.


By using technology for data capture and reports, we have the most updated program which identifies gaps, reduces costs and eliminates manual data entry into a spreadsheet. Utilizing this technology we can get real time reports or feedback from the crews in the field in regards to unsafe acts, conditions and behaviours. All this within 24 hours.

Examples of Our Training

These demonstrate one of many ways that we deliver training to our teams. We feel multiple exposures through different media and training techniques are key to our results.

Winter Preparedness

Winter comes every year, yet we seem to sometimes forget those things that keep us safe when things get cold and slippery – this video is part of how we remind people.

Spotter Training

This is an example of the types of training videos we use to help make us safe. Statistics show that a large number of incidents occur at the Human-Machine Interface so we pay special attention to those situations.