A Significant Commitment to the Environment

JV Driver Group is constantly evolving and our increasing emphasis on environmentally sound initiatives is an example of that.

Over the last 5 years, through the Group company Marine Exhaust Solutions, we have made significant investment in the development of sophisticated scrubbing technology that removes sulphur dioxide (SO2) and particulate matter from the exhaust of ships. These gases are major contributors to acid rain and regional haze across the globe. Our product allows ship owners to meet new strict exhaust regulations while keeping control on costs. For more information visit the Marine Exhaust Solutions website.

Also, in the coming months we will add to our environmental portfolio as we launch our new solar company that will offer clean and efficient power generation and usage solutions to industrial, government and commercial clients.

JV Driver Group has also completed many “green” projects in the industrial, power and buildings sectors. These projects include cogeneration, run-of-the river hydro, and wind installations. See below for some examples.


Innovative and cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges
Continuous and growing investment in “green” initiatives
Proprietary pollution reduction products
Long track record in “green” projects

A Sample of Environmental Projects

Hydroelectric Project

Squamish, B.C.

Run of River

Skookum Creek hydroelectric project is a 25 megawatt (MW), run-of-river project located approximately 70 km north of Vancouver and 12 km east of Squamish, BC in the Sea to Sky corridor. The project will generate 88,000 megawatt-hours per year of clean, renewable electricity, or enough electricity to power approximately 8,300 homes. The project is located on Skookum Creek, a tributary of the Mamquam River. The project will be connected to the BC Hydro electric system at Squamish via a 20 km, 138kV transmission line.

IDL completed the concrete construction of powerhouse and intake along with the associated works.

Conifex Co-Gen

Makenzie B.C.


This Cogeneration project included localized demo of older portions of the pulp mill to allow for installation of new Co-Gen. The team was responsible for the installation of a new 36 MW generator and turbine and the supply and install of all piping required.

Grande Prairie GPEOP

Grande Prairie, AB


JV Driver completed a new 50MW Dresser Rand Turbo-generator for Weyerhaeuser. The scope of this project included all new foundations, site scaffolding, all piping (including mill tie-ins), a structural pipe-bridge and tower installation, as well as the mechanical installation of the 50 MW Turbo-generator. This work was later expanded to include the construction of a seven effect evaporator set, condensers, tanks and a cool tower. The structure is 250 feet by 50 feet at various heights. JV Driver’s scope includes Civil, Structural, Piping, Mechanical, Scaffolding and Insulation. The Mechanical equipment includes an evaporator set supplied by HPD.

Green Energy Project

Castlegar, B.C


The Zellstoff Celgar, Green Energy Project mechanical installation was awarded to JVD Installations Inc in March 2010. The project initially consisted of the mechanical installation of a 48MW Shin Nippon Condensing Turbine and Brush Generator and all ancillary piping and equipment installations. Upon mobilization to site for mechanical installation JVDII was also awarded the electrical installation package consisting of the installation of all high voltage cables, control and power cabling, switch gear, power control and DCS installations, as well as all field terminations associated with the turbine/generator and ancillary equipment. The turbine started commissioning in September 2010 and to date has met all of its regulatory requirements for output and has met or exceeded the stringent mechanical quality parameters set out by Shin Nippon Turbines and Brush Getnerators.

CNC Education Centre

College of New Caledonia

CNC Education

Construction of LEED Gold, 67,000ft2 Trade Technical Centre. Project consists of approximately 32,000 ft2 of two storey classroom and administration and 35,000ft2 of shop/trade teaching area. Project is conventional structure steel superstructure with high performance building envelope consisting of Masonry, Zinc Cladding, Translucent Glazing System, Curtain Wall and Polycarbonate Panel Assemblies. Other features include geothermal field, solar induction panels, and heat recovery units. Project duration is 13 months.