Over 80 years in Marine

Through DF Barnes, the JV Driver Group offers marine and offshore repair and maintenance services around the world. In addition, we manufacture high-value add equipment for the marine industry in our state-of-the-art fabrication and painting facilities located in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Another member of the of our Group is Extreme East Rigging Services that has been manufacturing iceberg and heli-deck landing nets for offshore oil platforms for decades. They also perform lifeboat davits testing.

Established in 1932, DF Barnes couples deep experience with the most modern tools and techniques to address a client’s needs. From emergency repair to planned retrofits we have the capability to return your assets to full operation reliably, quickly and cost-effectively.

Through the years we have manufactured many complex pieces of marine equipment, including launch recovery vehicles for oil and gas rigs. Our advanced approaches, including LEAN manufacturing, make us leaders in the unique needs of the marine and offshore industry. Quite simply we are world class.


Over 8o years experience in the marine and offshore industry
State-of-the art manufacturing & painting facilities
Industry leading safety programs & performance
Ability to perform services around the world
Emergency & planned repair & maintenance capability, including in-transit work


Marine Sector Experience

The Maersk Detector

St. John’s, Newfoundland


As a result of a collision with an oil rig, this D-Class supply vessel sustained substantial damage to the port stern quarter. DF Barnes was contracted to crop and renew the affected stiffeners and hull plate. All welding was 100% VT, MPI, and UT inspected. Affected ballast tanks were pneumatically pressure tested and witnessed by Lloyd’s surveyor.

The Atlantic Hawk

St. John’s, Newfoundland

Atlantic Hawk

We fabricated and installed a new crane pedestal and reinstalled the existing crane. This work included all hydraulic and electrical systems. Class certified.

Green Wall Repair

Scotland, South Africa

Stena Drilling

The Stena Carron required emergency repairs offshore as a result of cracks found in the hull and bulwark structure. DF Barnes was recommended by DNV as being the best suited company to carry out the structural repairs. A repair proposal was drafted by DF Barnes and within 5 days of the document submittal the team along with all materials and equipment was mobilized onboard the vessel. The work  was completed during the transit from Newfoundland to Aberdeen, duration of project was 24 days and consumed more than 8,000 man-hours. The project was completed on time, safely and within budget.

One year later, Stena Drilling requested that DF Barnes mobilize another team to complete the same type of repairs on the Carron’s sister ship Stena Forth, this project involved sailing from Cape town Africa to Trinidad. Again the project was completed on time, safely and within budget.

Large and Small Refits

Offshore Newfoundland

Transocean, Rowan, Others

We have successfully completed several large and small refits on a number of rigs including: Henry Goodrich, GSF Grandbanks, Rowan Gorilla 6, West Aquarius. Our project teams were responsible for both planning and execution of these projects. Labour hours were in the range of 50,000 to 300,000 man-hours. To date all projects have been completed without LTI’s.
Scope included:
• Pipe renewals – Carbon and Stainless, high and low pressure
• Structure repairs and upgrades
• Mechanical repairs and upgrades
• Electrical repairs and upgrades


St. John’s, Newfoundland


DF Barnes Fabrication successfully completed 7 permanent guide bases (PGB) for OneSubsea. OneSubsea delivers integrated solutions, products, systems and services for the subsea oil and gas market.


St. John’s, Newfoundland


DF Barnes Fabrication successfully completed a double unit temporary guide base (TGB) for OneSubsea.

Rigging Services

Offshore Newfoundland

Atlantic Towing, Canadian Navy, Nalcor, Marine Industry

Extreme East Rigging Services has been meeting the marine industries rigging requirements for decades. Projects include the supply of iceberg nets, helideck landing nets for offshore oil platforms, testing lifeboat davits for the Canadian Navy and wire rope grommet slings for Atlantic Towing to perform a 200 tonne bollard pulls on their vessels Atlantic Kingfisher and Atlantic Hawk.

Ship Repair

With over 80 years of operations, DF Barnes Services has successfully completed hundreds of small and large scale projects and provided a wide variety of products and services to the marine, industrial and offshore industries. Our experience and the ability to offer emergency and planned repair and maintenance around the globe make us an industry leader. This experience also allows us to be creative and flexible including the ability to design solutions that can be performed while the ship or platform is in-transit. With that kind of experience and know-how you can rely on us to provide timely, high quality, good value solutions.

Rig Maintenance

Since 1932, the company has been in the business of maintaining the rigs, platforms and support vessels that operate in the North Atlantic Ocean – one of the harshest ocean environments on earth. Being in business this long requires a commitment to our clients that is unparalleled as evidenced by repeat business that has gone across generations. With our strategically located facilities we are able to be where our clients need us – reliably and quickly. In addition, long term relationships requires a commitment to always looking for better ways to do things and With our demonstrated, systematic approach to innovation including investment in state-of-the art facilities and techniques we do just that. Quite simply we have been industry leaders for a long time and we are constantly evolving so we remain so.


The JV Driver Group is manufacturing advanced mechanical and hydraulic equipment for the world’s largest marine and offshore companies. With the continuous production of LARS, TGBs, and traction winches, we established efficient manufacturing processes including LEAN Manufacturing principles. These standardized, formal procedures enable the company to manufacture predictably at lower cost while maintaining high quality. These lower costs are passed on to provide even better value to our customers.