A Culture of Innovation

Think Different, Build Better

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Dodge Dealership

Construction Management for a 62,000ft2 Dodge dealership

Marine Exhaust Solutions

Reduces pollution through innovative scrubbing technology

Imperial Oil

The Nabiye 35,000 bbl/d SAGD was completed On-Time and On-Budget with Zero Lost Time Incidents.

International Airport

Montego Bay Jamaica

Highland Valley Copper

Copper Mine Optimization Project

high rise construction

Olympic Village

The JV Driver Group completed the Olympic Village for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver

Module Construction

Module construction capacity across North America.

Welcome to the JV Driver Group

Established in 1989, the JV Driver Group brings together a family of constructors providing a wide range of construction services and engineered products in these sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial, Multi-unit Residential and Industrial Buildings
  • Public Infrastructure and Institutions
  • Marine
  • Environmental

This flexibility coupled with a strong track record, particularly in safety, gives us a unique offering in the market.

Great Leaders, Great Teams!

Focused on developing the best leaders and building great teams, strong, effective leadership is integral to who we are. Providing leadership development into our systems and operations allows for growth and lasting success.


In the industrial sector, we provide all facets of construction services in civil and industrial construction, along with plant maintenance capability in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, forestry, power, and marine sectors. We provide these capabilities through our companies JV Driver Projects, IDL Projects, and DF Barnes and DFB Driver.

Our extensive background in constructing commercial, multi-unit residential and industrial buildings spans over 40 years. We provide these capabilities through our companies IDL Projects, Metrocan Construction, Metrocan Projects and Scott Construction.

Our deep public infrastructure experience includes constructing roads, bridges, port facilities and airports.  We offer these services in Canada through IDL Projects and internationally through JV Driver International.

We have been offering construction services and manufacturing in the marine sector for over 80 years through our company, DF Barnes.

In each of these sectors the JV Driver Group has the capabilities, capacity, geographic reach and track record to provide high value solutions to clients most complex and challenging needs regardless of location. For a list of the companies in the JV Driver Group please click here.

We welcome you to explore our site to learn more about us or even better come pay us a visit.


The Core Purpose is an organization's most fundamental reason for being. JV Driver’s Core Purpose, to “Think Different, Build Better”, was born out of JV Driver’s beginnings as an innovative contractor that found success through developing new solutions that improved safety, quality and costs for our clients.

innovations that have saved our clients millions of dollars!

The Basis for our Success

Below are things that really matter to us. They are the foundational ideas that have made us who we are. We invite you to read them as the beginning in learning more about the JV Driver Group.

It All Starts Here

We have 4 Core Values. These are the things we hold most dear.  These are not words on a wall – they guide our actions in real ways every day, for our people, our clients and our communities.

The Pursuit of Zero

At JV Driver Group we are relentless about safety. Ours is a never-ending pursuit of no one getting hurt – ever. Our constant innovation and investment has resulted in world class safety results and injury prevention.

Think Different, Build Better

This is about constant innovation and how it gets applied in real-world solutions. This is not just talk – we have a demonstrated, systematic approach to developing innovation.  It is about having an environment that allows our people to excel and create things that matter careers, client solutions, communities.

The Basis for Excellence

We care intensely about the success of our people. Quite simply their success is the key to everything we do – and we invest heavily in that success with training, experience and opportunities. This allows our people to not only amaze us but amaze themselves. We strongly believe it makes for better team members…and better citizens.


We are relentless about safety. Our Team has performed over 20 years of construction together with zero Lost-Time Incidents.