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A New Scoreboard

The Florence high school needed a scoreboard, we knew we could help!

JV Driver Group and our Communities

At JV Driver Group, we are proud to give back to the communities we work in and stand by our four Core Values that guide how our work is done. Taking Care of Each Other is one of our Core Values that recognizes the importance of looking after our employees and the community. Each year, JV Driver Group raises funds and volunteers time to local and regional charities. By participating in community events and giving back locally, JV Driver Group strives to make a difference in the well-being of our employees and the communities we work in.

The JV Driver Group is a proud supporter of the Erika Legacy Foundation

This foundation was created by Erika’s family and friends in 2016.  It will stand as a legacy to the person Erika was.  We hope by engaging people and communities, we can build an endowment that remains in perpetuity. The Erika Legacy Foundation will strive always to build safer and inspired communities for years to come. We will partner with, and award grants to, other charitable causes who we feel capture the spirit of what Erika believed in and what our foundation stands for.

The foundation strives to prevent suicide and suicidal behaviour by:

  • Increasing awareness of suicide and the impact it has on our societies.
  • Support research and study the social, personal and economic conditions that lead to suicide using those findings to implement effective approaches to suicide prevention.
  • Inspire hope, resiliency and a reason for living.
Legacy Foundation
Bids for kids

JV Driver Group Helps Kids Play Sports in Edmonton

The JV Driver Group is the presenting sponsor for the Annual KidSport Edmonton Bids for Kids event. Each year JV Driver Group raises funds for Bids for Kids. This year’s event was a tremendous success raising over $75,000 for KidSport Edmonton. The success of this event ensures that over 300 kids in Edmonton will have a chance to play a sport of their choice that wouldn’t have been able to play without this event.

For those of you that haven’t heard of KidSport, it is a national organization with local chapters across Canada. The chapters raise money to pay for the sport registration fees for kids that can’t afford to pay on their own.

JV Driver has a significant impact on the events, providing not only a company sponsorship, but many of our employees made significant personal donations, purchased raffle tickets, donated wine for the wine raffle, and provided silent auction items. JV Driver’s total contributions will ensure that approximately 80 kids in Edmonton play sports. That is an amazing contribution to the lives of these children, their families, and our communities. Apply-Volunteer-Donate