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The JV Driver Group is a great place to build a career for a couple of key reasons. One is we care about your success. We will give you the tools, training and opportunities to reach levels you may not have thought possible. This will allow you to not only amaze us but more importantly amaze yourself. Second, we actually strongly believe in and live our Core Values every day – not just when convenient. This creates a unique environment that is kind of hard to explain but great to experience. To help we have created a video – take a look. Also, below we have explained our Core Values in action – give it a read. After you have done those two things enter the Career Centre to see what exciting opportunities there are for you.

Careers with members of the JV Driver Group

Built To Last

Our journey to become an enduring organization through the Built to Last process starts with our Core Ideology.

Our Core Ideology is the foundation of our organization and will never change.  Our Core Ideology is based on Our Core Values and our Core Purpose.

Our exceptional culture starts with our Core Values – Take Care of Each Other, Build Great Things, Be innovative and Have Fun.  These values are a part of our DNA and guide our actions on a daily basis.  Our Core Purpose is to “Think Different, Build Better” and we strive to live this purpose every day, at all levels of the organization.

Our Core Ideology provides us with the foundation as we move into our Envisioned Future and our work to achieve our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) “To revolutionize how work gets done”.  Our vivid description details what our future will look like.

Vivid Description

We have radically improved how work is done and how companies operate. We will be big, fast and flexible doing exceptional work while preserving our small company feel. We will be known as the most innovative and creative in the industry with the best execution. Our clients feel they receive exceptional value and are treated with fairness and respect.

We will be well known as the best place to work where accomplishments are recognized and rewarded. We hire only the best and we invest in these people in ways never seen before. We care intensely about our people’s success.

We are passionate about doing things that matter. We feel great about the quality of our contributions to our work and our communities.

Others can’t do what we do. Our opportunities are endless.

Think Different, Build Better

The Think Different, Build Better (TDBB) recognition program is designed to encourage our people to live our TDBB Core Purpose. But further to that we want people to know how much we value their hard work, and innovative thinking.

JV Driver is successful because of the people. Because our people don’t just come to work, they come to work to excel. Thinking Different is a way of being here, and by being innovative, and coming up with creative solutions we build better projects, better teams, better communities and better careers.

TDBB Patch

Our Core Values In Action

Here are some more reasons to join us. Below are our Core Values and how they relate to working at the JV Driver Group. Give them a read and see what you think. If we sound like a good fit for you enter our Career Centre and see what opportunities are currently available.

Take Care of Each Other

Our sense of community runs deep at JVDG, and we care about your health, happiness and success. This means we provide flexibility and benefits to support you and your family in the good, and particularly the difficult, times. These are more than just words. We have a long track record of supporting our people in very difficult circumstances – ask us, and we will tell you more. “Taking Care of Each Other” also means that you support your colleagues, helping them be successful and, more importantly, safe. It is our sincere hope that everyone who spends time on our team will become a better person from their experience at JVDG.

Build Great Things

The environment at JVDG is very dynamic. In the last 5 years we have expanded across Canada, the US and the Caribbean and in the near future Europe, Africa and South America. This growth creates career opportunities that are, well, amazing! There are numerous examples where people have gone from the shop floor or job site to senior management.

Be Innovative

Not only will we give you the opportunities to amaze us – we will give the opportunities to amaze yourself. We will provide the best tools, facilities, training and support, but more importantly we will provide the freedom to safely explore and try new ideas. You will have the freedom to make decisions that make sense when they need to be made. It is a place where the best idea wins – regardless of who thought of it. In addition, you will be recognized and rewarded for these great ideas. This environment is one of the keys to our success and why it is a fun place to work.

Have Fun

If you are not having fun in your work, why do it? We believe and experience has shown us that Having Fun is fundamental to the well being of our company and our people. We think about this a lot and put real effort into it. This is not only about special events like our legendary 3-day Christmas parties in Jasper (really fun) and our special innovation rewards program (one prize: a trip to Turks and Caicos or Whistler!), but fun is also about having a working environment where you can be your best. To us it means having everything you need to be creative and feel great about making real contributions that matter.

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