Group Companies

JV Driver Projects is part of the Industrial Enterprise of the JV Driver Group. JV Driver projects has constructed some of the the most challenging and complex industrial projects in the world. With offices across North America, JV Driver Projects is the right choice for any size industrial construction project.
JV Driver Fabricators is part of the Fabrication Enterprise of the JV Driver Group. JV Driver Fabricators has the most technologically advanced, multi-discipline manufacturing and fabrication facilities in North America. With locations in Edmonton, Phoenix and Houston, we are able to service clients from all across North America with the best in safety, quality and value. All of our facilities are 100% focused on industrial and commercial construction.
JV Driver International is part of the Civil & Infrastructure Enterprise. JV Driver international is responsible for all of the Group’s international projects, including a successful track record in collaborating with the Canadian Government through their Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and Export Development Corporation (EDC) to deliver finance/design/build international solutions. Our latest project is for an inland container terminal in Ghana.
DF Barnes provides services across the Industrial, Fabrication and Marine enterprises for the JV Driver Group’s operations in Eastern Canada. DF Barnes is a leader in providing welding, fabrication, industrial services, rigging equipment, ship/offshore repair and maintenance.

IDL Projects is part of the Civil and Infrastructure Enterprise. IDL Projects is a civil and commercial construction firm with a diverse experience  throughout Western Canada and the Caribbean. With over 300 pieces of modern earthmoving equipment and a highly technical expertise, IDL has a proven track record of delivering complex and challenging projects.

MetroCan Projects is part of the Buildings Enterprise of the JV Driver Group. Metro-Can Projects provides Construction Management Services to the group’s national clients for their commercial, institutional and residential projects across Canada.
MetroCan Construction is part of the Buildings Enterprise of the JV Driver Group. Metro-Can Construction is a premier high-rise builder in Vancouver, focused on the Vancouver and the Lower Mainland building commercial, mixed use and multi-unit residential sectors of the industry.

Fluor Driver is part of the Maintenance Enterprise of the JV Driver Group. Fluor Driver provides single source services across Canada focused on the unique requirements for steady state maintenance, small capital projects, and turnaround needs.

Scott Construction is part of the Buildings Enterprise of the JV Driver Group. Scott Construction has been delivering construction projects in Western Canada for over 30 years in institutional, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
Marine Exhause Solutions

Marine Exhaust Solutions (MES) is an environmental technology company with a proven “scrubber” technology, the MES Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS). The MES EGCS is designed to reduce up to 98% of SOXemissions, while burning residual fuel oil of up to 3.5% sulphur content.

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Marine Exhause Solutions