Established in 1989, the JV Driver Group through its subsidiary companies provides a wide range of contractor and fabrication services in the industrial, commercial, multi-unit residential and industrial buildings, marine, environmental and public infrastructure/institutions space. This flexibility coupled with a strong track record, particularly in safety, gives us an unique offering in the market.

In the industrial sector, we provide all facets of fabrication, civil, construction, and plant maintenance capability in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, forestry, power, and marine sectors. We provide these capabilities through our subsidiaries JV Driver Projects, JV Driver Fabricators, IDL Projects, TIS, DF Barnes and DFB Driver.

Our extensive background in constructing commercial, multi-unit residential and industrial buildings spans over 40 years. We provide these capabilities through our subsidiaries IDL Projects, Metrocan Construction, Metrocan Projects and Scott Construction.

Our deep public infrastructure experience includes constructing roads, bridges, port facilities and airports.  We offer these services in Canada through IDL Projects and internationally through JV Driver International.

We have been offering services and manufacturing in marine sector for over 80 years through our DF Barnes subsidiary.

In each of these sectors the JV Driver Group has the capabilities, capacity, geographic reach and track record to provide high value solutions to clients most complex and challenging needs regardless of location.

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At JV Driver Group we are relentless about safety.  Our never-ending pursuit to ensure no one gets hurt – ever.  Our constant innovation and investment has resulted in world class safety results and injury prevention. An example of these results is our Industrial Enterprise TRIR of 0.15 for 2015. Others have recognized our expertise in safety with many accolades and awards, our most recent being the Shell Global CEO HSSE and SP award in 2015. This award is only given to the best safety performers around the globe.

At JV Driver Group our innovation-driven Core Purpose is to “Think Different, Build Better” and this is no more evident than in our approach to safety. At its heart our safety effectiveness is based in our investment in the development and use of ground-breaking programs and tools. These approaches are both created internally and through the adoption of best practices from around the globe. In fact, many our best ideas come from the people at the workface. To support this grass roots approach we have dedicated on and off-site working sessions, like our annual 3 day Safety Conference, to develop and implement new ideas and refine existing ones. In addition, we have systematic innovation development component as part of living our “Think Different, Build Better” Core Purpose where we nurture, implement and recognize the amazing ideas of our people.

Training is a key component of safety implementation and we are always looking for new ways to teach and reinforce ideas. To this end we have adopted various platforms, including use of video and social media to create easier access to the information especially for those who work shift at remote locations. A example of this innovation is the multi-media version of our Safety Manual for use on computers and mobile devices.



Quality is extremely important to the JV Driver Group; we promote the fact that quality is the responsibility of everyone working on our projects. JV Driver uses a detailed and effective Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that work is performed to the highest standards, client specifications, and applicable codes. This results in the safest, most operable, and maintainable systems and facilities for our clients.

The QMS is recognized by ABSA and was modelled after ISO 9001, maintaining the same principles. The JV Driver Group holds current ABSA, AQP, AOQP and AISC certificates, as well as ASME U, A, S, R and PP Code Stamps. Through the continual development and implementation of our QMS, and use of an effective audit program, as well as the conduction of in-process inspections we strive to maintain our standard of excellence and continue to be warranty claim free.

The JV Driver Group is able to provide our customers with excellent and efficient service due in part to our Fabrication Facility located in Nisku, Alberta, Canada which has been accredited by ABSA and ASME. In addition our Fabrication Facility in Phoenix, Arizona performs both Steel Fabrication and ASME B31.3 piping.

All our welders are qualified to ensure compliance to CWB, AWS, AISC and ASME Section IX requirements by our in-house Welding Examiner.

JV Driver uses and tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure and monitor construction timelines and adjust work priorities in order to ensure that schedule milestones are maintained.


Through the hard work of our exceptional people, JV Driver has a proven track record of performing across all industries. This performance has been recognized with the following awards:

  • 2015 Shell’s Global CEO Award
  • One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies since 2009 – Platinum Award Winner
  • 2014 Contractor of the Year Finalist
  • 2014 CWA Connected World’s Award for innovative use of technology
  • 2013 Chevron Phillips Contractor Safety Excellence Award
  • 2011 Golden Nugget Safety Award – Imperial Oil
  • COAA Best Practices Award for the Implementation of Workface Planning
  • COAA Safety Implementation Award
  • One of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures in Western Canada
  • 2010 Shell Vice President’s Award