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2019 Innovation of the Year – Scott Construction

Congratulation to Scott Construction and the Members of the Mental Health Committee for being awarded the 2019 Innovation of the Year!  

For three years, Scott Construction has supported a company-wide, volunteer-run Mental Health Committee (MHC) to reduce the stigma of mental illness and to support the mental wellness of staff and those who they work with on job sites in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. Scott puts this innovation into practice through a variety of initiatives. The 12-person MHC meets quarterly for one hour to brainstorm themes and new ideas for the coming three months, based on input from staff surveys. A monthly topic is chosen and an activity is organized in addition to a “roll-out” to sites to provide education, support, and resources at the field level. Also, one email each month is prepared by a committee member, providing definitions, information, and resources on the month’s topic.

The biggest barrier to mental illness assistance is the stigma that still exists, although increased education and awareness is helping. As such, Scott is also doing their part to provide information and tools to the entire BC construction industry through Mental Health presentations at industry events, which so far have included:

  • Suicide Awareness at the BCCSA Bridging the Gap conference in October 2018 (350 attendees);
  • VRCA/BCCSA co-sponsored industry breakfast “Mental Health & the Construction Industry”, with Scott staff speaking on (1) Living with Depression, (2) Suicide Awareness and (3) a MHC “How To”. February 2019 (120 attendees);
  • Suicide Awareness & a MHC “how to” as part of a three-person panel called “Mental Health and the Construction Industry” to hundreds of attendees at the VRCA Construction Leadership Conference in May 2019;
  • Four BCCSA Regional Breakfasts: Prince George, Vancouver, Kelowna, and Victoria. These breakfast presentations are 90-minutes in duration, conducted entirely by two Scott staff, addressing Living with Depression, Suicide Awareness, and How to Run a Mental Health Committee. These breakfast events range in attendance from 90-120 guests. (June, August, Sept, & Oct 2019)

This is a great initiative! Congratulations to the Scott Team for winning the 2019 Innovation of the Year and making a difference in the lives of our people, thank you!

If being part of a team that values innovation and creative thought is something you’re interested in, please check out our careers page, we love new team members and fresh ideas! 

– Think Different, Build Better 

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