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Innovation Leadership – Onboading

Innovative Response to COVID – Onboarding  

A shout out to Nerva Garcia & George Fleming of JVDIS for their innovative response to COVID –

Previously, when the JVDIS team scheduled a prospective employee for onboarding they would need to travel to the job site and go through all the new hire paperwork with other new hires, either at the jobsite or at the administrative office. In the old process the team had multiple constraints of only being able to process a small group of people at one time. Along with in the midst of the COVID 19 Pandemic they were faced with additional constraints of social distancing. This process also tied up HR personnel for 2-3 hours each session preparing and organizing for the onboarding event. To eliminate this, the team created a Virtual Contact-Less Onboarding Process for new hires.

This innovation reduced the manpower needed to complete administrative tasks, reduced the amount of paper being used in new hire documentation, reduced the need for critical storage space, improved the team’s ability to manage their workload from anywhere they can connect to the web, reduced the time it takes to recruit staff/craft & get them on-site by 50-60%, all while vastly improving the number of people they could onboard at one time from a maximum of 4 to an infinite number of people. Thank you to Nerva and George, keep thinking different!   

– Think Different, Build Better 

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