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Innovation is part of who we are!

Innovative Pipe Fitting Setup Unit - Innovation

JV Driver Pipe Fitting Setup Unit

Our East Coast Fabrication Group innovates with a unique pipe fitting fabrication unit

Innovative Panel Pusher - Innovation

JV Driver Panel Pusher

JV Driver increases productivity with this installation tool

Track Grinder

JV Driver Track Grinder

TIS thinks differently about how work is done with this innovative tool

JV Driver Safety Sponsors

At JV Driver safety is everyone’s responsibility and the Safety Sponsor gives everyone a voice

Think Different, Build Better

At JV Driver Group our innovation-driven Core Purpose is to “Think Different, Build Better” and this attitude permeates the organization at all levels. To effectively pursue this Core Purpose we have developed a systematic approach to innovation with our Think Different, Build Better Program. In this Program we provide a structure that nurtures, implements, recognizes and rewards the amazing ideas of our people. This investment in the development and use of ground-breaking programs and tools not only allows our people to make important contributions to our clients and the organization, but as importantly, it allows our people to make the best use of their skills. It allows them to do something that matters. Below is a deeper explanation of the Program and some of examples of our innovation. We are proud to share them with you.


Our Think Different, Build Better Innovation Program

A systematic, ingrained attitude and approach to getting better.

Want more Innovation?

From safety practice and processes, to innovative tools and facilities, have a look at how we’re being innovative and thinking different!

Examples of Think Different, Build Better Innovation

Here are the tangible results. These are only 2 examples of literally hundreds our people have developed and implemented.

Real Time Reporting

This innovation came from IDL Project in our Civil & Infrastructure Enterprise. This innovation allows for field reports such inspection and maintenance to be completed on an ipad and reported in real time. Saving time and money and project management and procurement activities gain valuable information faster and more effectively. More Innovation 

Kanban Board

This innovation came from our fabrication group. The implementation of the Kanban board, a work and workflow visualization tool that enabled our fabrication facilities to optimize the flow of  work through our shop. increasing productivity and lowering costs – check out the video. More Innovation.

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