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Total Rewards

Our Total Rewards with JVDG is more than just your weekly paycheque.

Your Total Rewards with JVDG includes the following:

  1. Your Base Salary
  2. Your Short Term Incentive
  3. Your Long Term Incentive
  4. Your Benefits
  5. Your Perks

JVDG’s Total Rewards Philosophy

JVDG’s Total Rewards philosophy is to attract, retain, and motivate highly-qualified individuals, and is designed to:

  1. Ensure equitable, consistent, and transparent salary administration for all positions
  2. Maintain our competitive market position when it comes to compensation
  3. Foster individual professional development and teamwork
  4. Support JVDG’s business strategy
  5. Provide non-cash compensation that are meaningful to our employees, and are clearly communicated and supported
  6. Provide rewards that reinforce our core purpose
  7. Support our employees and help make the company more innovative, effective, and competitive.
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