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Grande Prairie GPOP

The Grande Prairie Optimization Project is an environmental and efficiency project. The centerpiece of the environmental portion of the project is a two-vessel oxygen delignification system with pre and post oxygen washing, which significantly reduces effluent color. The efficiency portion of the project is a combination of many elements, involving the chemical, recovery, utilities, fibreline…

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Green Power Project

Prince George Green Power Project was a Mill upgrade to produce electrical power using a steam turbine generator. JV Driver acted as the general contractor for this project responsible for the completion of all aspects of the project including civil, mechanical, structural, and architectural. The project required numerous plant upgrades and the scope of work…

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Green Energy Project

The Zellstoff Celgar, Green Energy Project mechanical installation was awarded to JVD Installations Inc in March 2010. The project initially consisted of the mechanical installation of a 48MW Shin Nippon Condensing Turbine and Brush Generator and all ancillary piping and equipment installations. Upon mobilization to site for mechanical installation JVDII was also awarded the electrical…

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Turbine and Generator

JV Driver completed the installation of a new 35 MW steam Turbine and Generator. This scope included the Civil, Rebar and Mechanical portion of work related to the installation of the Turbine and Generator at their mill near Athabasca, Alberta. The structure measures 6,850 square feet. JVD’s scope included piers and pier caps for the…

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Grande Prairie GPEOP

JV Driver completed a new 50MW Dresser Rand Turbo-generator for Weyerhaeuser. The scope of this project included all new foundations, site scaffolding, all piping (including mill tie-ins), a structural pipe-bridge and tower installation, as well as the mechanical installation of the 50 MW Turbo-generator. This work was later expanded to include the construction of a…

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