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Contact Centre

Location: Fortis, B.C.

Client: Fortis

This project involved a complete renovation of a 20 year old building consisting of 25,400 ft2 on two floors located in downtown Prince George. Some key construction elements included:

Extensive structural upgrade to existing core concrete structure

Complete removal of existing mechanical system and new high efficiency mechanical system operating at 97% efficiency.

All mechanical systems including heating and cooling as well such items as powered window coverings can be operated remotely from Fortis main office in lower mainland.

Complete interior demolition of 25,400 ft2 of interior office space and construction of new contemporary interior office space with various unique features highlighting Prince George’s resource sector.

While employing over 100 full time people, the contact centre is also to act as a main hub for the entire Fortis network and communication system in the event of a major disaster occurring in the lower mainland.

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