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Green Energy Project

Location: Castlegar, B.C

Client: Zellstoff

The Zellstoff Celgar, Green Energy Project mechanical installation was awarded to JVD Installations Inc in March 2010. The project initially consisted of the mechanical installation of a 48MW Shin Nippon Condensing Turbine and Brush Generator and all ancillary piping and equipment installations. Upon mobilization to site for mechanical installation JVDII was also awarded the electrical installation package consisting of the installation of all high voltage cables, control and power cabling, switch gear, power control and DCS installations, as well as all field terminations associated with the turbine/generator and ancillary equipment. The turbine started commissioning in September 2010 and to date has met all of its regulatory requirements for output and has met or exceeded the stringent mechanical quality parameters set out by Shin Nippon Turbines and Brush Getnerators.

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