State of the Art Fabrication

Through its fabrication enterprise the JV Driver Group offers a wide range of fabrication capability with large capacity, state of art facilities and strategic locations. We always think about being exceptional at what we do and at the JV Driver Group we have re-imagined industrial fabrication. We do what others can’t, due to innovations in facilities and approaches. We conducted extensive research, visited facilities around the world and then embarked on a large investment program that has resulted in state-of-the-art facilities that allow for the most productive workflow. Simply stated, our new facilities and tooling are among the best and most modern in the world. In fact, the investment in state-of-the-art capability continues with the opening of our new painting facility at DF Barnes Fabricators in January 2016.

Our product lines include steel and pipe fabrication, module construction, stationary equipment, boilers, exchangers, sign and bridge fabrication, high value add marine equipment.

With over 420,000 square feet of fabrication space coupled with 100 acres for module erection and locations in Edmonton, Houston, Phoenix and Newfoundland we offer a capability and geographic reach that can address all your fabrication needs.

Please see below, the members of the JV Driver Fabrication Enterprise:  JV Driver Fabricators and DF Barnes Fabricators.


Strategic locations: Edmonton, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Phoenix, Houston
Industry leading safety programs and performance
ABSA, AQP, AOQP and AISC certificates
ASME U, A, S, R, and PP Code Stamps
AISC Certified Building and Bridge Fabricator
ROC# 306813 State of Arizona
ROC# 1024229 State of California


The Best Facilities In The Industry

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Pipe and Steel Fabrication and Module Construction

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A Sample of our Fabrication and Module Projects

Steel Fabrication

Edmonton, AB

Orchard School

Our team completed 171 tons of the steel fabrication for the Orchard School construction in Edmonton Alberta. The project was completed on schedule, meeting all quality specification and with excellent safety performance.

CNRL Horizon

Ft.McKay, AB


Our team completed the pipe fabrication and module construction for all aspects of the Horizon Extraction Plant. The scope consisted of 28 Modules and over 120,000 inches of Pipe Fabrication.

Keg Steel Fabrication

Edmonton, AB

Keg Restaurant

Our team completed 45 tons of steel fabrication for the new Keg Steakhouse in the beautiful Windemere neighborhood in Edmonton Alberta. The project was completed on schedule, meeting all quality specification and with excellent safety performance.

Jackfish SAGD

Conklin, AB


Our team provided complete services from EDS constructability through mechanical completion. The services provided also included the completion and installation of 16 Modules and over 60,000 inches of Pipe Fabrication.

Walmart Steel

Medicine Hat, AB


Our team completed 25 tons of steel fabrication for the new Walmart Medicine Hat Alberta. The project was completed on schedule, meeting all quality specification and with excellent safety performance.

Firebag 3

Ft. McMurray, AB


Firebag utilizes in-situ production, steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), at their Northern Alberta facility. Firebag 3 is the third phase of expansion for the Firebag operation, producing up to 68,000 barrels per day.

Our team participated in the DSU Flash Chemical Unit, for the Suncor Firebag 3 expansion. This scope of work was composed of 28 Process Modules. The project consisted of assembly and erection, including the installation of multiple vessels weighing in excess of 120,000lbs.

Sobeys Steel

Sherwood Park, AB

Sobeys Storefront

Our team completed 55 tons of steel fabrication for the new Sobeys Storefront in Sherwood Park Alberta. The project was completed on schedule, meeting all quality specification and with excellent safety performance.

Shell Pump Houses

Ft. McMurray, AB


Our team was awarded 3 Pump houses measuring 18 meters in length by 7 meters in width and 7.4 meters high. our scope of work included engineering, procurement, fabrication, module construction, transportation and commissioning support. This project also involved 9000 inches of pipe. The mechanical equipment used HVAC, 3000 HP GIW pumps, 30HP Gland water pumps, MCC units, PLC panels, HVAC control center. Additional services provided were Engineering, Procurement, Transportation and start up support.

This project was completed in November 2012 and peaked at 50 workers with no Lost Time Accidents or First Aids.

Kearl Lake Modules

Ft. McMurray, AB

Imperial Oil

Our team was awarded the Reassembly of 77 Fully Welded Korean Built process modules destined for Imperial Oil’s Kearl Lake Project. JV Drivers scope of work included fabrication and install of Miscellaneous Structural, Fabrication and Installation Miscellaneous Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation, Electrical Heat Tracing, Cladding, insulation, HVAC, Hydrotesting and Pre-Commissioning testing on Electrical and instrumentation and Scaffolding.

The projects peaked at 1200 workers with over 1.8 million man-hours, with no Lost Time Accidents.


Cold Lake, AB

Imperial Oil

Our team was awarded a total of 41 modules (35 Piperacks, 6 Equipment modules with fully welded structural bases). This work included 290,000” of pipe welding and 2200 MT of steel fabrication. JV Driver was responsible for all pipe and steel fabrication, module assembly and site installation.

Horizon Recovery Plant

Ft. McMurray, AB

Air Liquide

Our team has completed the Horizon Recovery Plant and CO2 Recovery Unit Modules for Air Liquide. The project included 20 modules, including both piperack and mechanical modules. The team was responsible for over 380 MT of steel fabrication and 5200 LM of pipe.

Module Construction

Our module yards are purpose built for erection of the largest transportable modules in each region and any other assemblies our clients need. This includes: Pipe Rack Modules, Horizontal Process Modules, Vertical Process Modules, Pump Houses, Well Pads, Compressor Skids, OTSG and HRSG Stack components and Stair Towers.

JV Driver Fabricators’ Nisku facility has free and clear access to the High Load Corridor in Alberta, while JV Driver Fabricators’ Phoenix facility has direct access to the interstate, providing our clients the  best available access to shipping routes across North America.

Our material control in the module yard uses the latest in RFID technology to ensure that all our clients’ materials are easily located at the push of a button, minimizing handling time and risk of material loss resulting while maximizing cost savings.

Large or small, JV Driver has the yard capacity to handle all of our clients’ module fabrication needs.

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Pipe Fabrication Capability

With 4 pipe fabrication facilities across North America in Edmonton, Phoenix, Houston and Newfoundland, the JV Driver Group is able to execute piping projects of any size. Utilizing the latest in lean manufacturing, cutting edge software and an innovative “pull system”, these facilities are leaders in the industry. Able to fabricate all diameters, wall thickness and configurations, for carbon, stainless and exotic alloys, these facilities work together to provide the exceptional value possible, while maintaining leading safety and quality performance.

The JV Driver Group uses highly advanced, internet-based production software, we provide integrated material management solutions, warehousing, quality control management, complete production monitoring and reporting, from the cradle to grave on all projects. This allows for real-time reporting and establishes transparency while increasing value to our clients.

Employees are fully trained and skilled in the art of LEAN fabrication. This reduces the amount of work-in-progress and results in significantly shorter delivery times to our clients. With this approach to pipe fabrication, our facilities surpass all others in our industry.

Our people are second to none, and we prove it by the ground-level innovation that workers provide in our weekly innovation meetings. This is a forum where workers can suggest safer and more efficient solutions to add value to our projects. Engaging our employees this way allows us to dramatically increase the production levels through improvements in safety, quality and efficiency.

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Steel Fabrication Capability

Our structural steel fabrication facilities in both Edmonton and Phoenix are the result of years of research, planning and multiple facility visits around the world. Incorporating the most innovative steel fabrication processes and equipment in North America, including state of the art CNC processing equipment and innovative material management, RFID and GPS tacking, lean manufacturing and ground level innovations, our facilities are able to produce over 20,000 M/T of steel per year.

Our LEAN manufacturing shops are optimized at every step allowing materials to move seamlessly through the production process. Aided by state of the art conveyance systems and integrated material handling programming allows for minimal human interaction in material movement.

Supported by senior management, workers are empowered to create innovative solutions to any problems. These ideas lead to major efficiency gains, resulting in savings for our clients.

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AISC Certified Fabricator

Stationary Equipment Capability

Through JV Driver Fabricators in Houston, the JV Driver Group is able to provide complete Exchanger and Boiler services, including Tube Repair, Bundle Extraction, Furnaces and Fabrication of Shell and Tube Bundles. The Group offers the restoration of efficiency in heat exchangers, steam condensers, re-boilers, product coolers, fin-fan coolers, charge air coolers and chillers. Additional services include:  tube sheet restoration, tube cleaning, feed-water heater repairs, bundle fabrication and re-tubing, Repair Snuff and Steam Headers, Replace Burner Management Systems, Replace Tube Sheet/Skin Repairs, Bolting, Duct Work Repairs, Header Piping Repairs, Leak Repairs.

The Group offers the restoration of efficiency in heat exchangers, steam condensers, re-boilers, product coolers, fin-fan coolers, charge air coolers and chillers. The JV Driver Group also offers tube sheet restoration, tube cleaning, feed-water heater repairs, bundle fabrication and re-tubing.

Bridge and Overhead Tubular Sign Structures

Through our Phoenix location, JV Driver Fabricators is a leader in the fabrication of specialty construction products including bridge structures and tubular sign structures. Our facility is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC Certified Building, Bridge and Bridge Component Fabricator) for Major Steel Bridges with Fracture Critical Endorsement and the Standard for Steel Building Structures.

Some of the bridges we completed include:

  • Santa Fe Bridge
  • San Tan Vista Trail Bridges Phase 1
  • Design-Build of Pedestrian Bridge on Canyon Rim Trail
  • Otay Valley Regional Park Trail
  • Stage Santa Fe Acequia Trail
  • 1-17 Pedestrian Bridge over CAP
  • Joe’s Trail at Saratoga De Anza

Connect Concrete Pipe – The Mity Mite

In the past, combining two concrete pipes used to be time-consuming and expensive, but with the Mity Mite, it is now both easy and profitable!

The patented device was created over 40 years ago, developed as a response to the construction industry’s need to join large sections of concrete and plastic pipe and can pull weights up to 30 tons or diameters up to 144″. Designed, manufactured and tested at our Phoenix, Arizona fabrication facility, these devices are the most cost-effective machines for joining concrete pipe on the market.

The Mity Mite comes with a complete parts inventory, which assures your crews the best in quality, service, and parts availability when you need it most.