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Construction Leadership – Next Gen Program

Leadership in Construction  

We’re excited to have our third group of students currently going through our Next Generation Leaders Program. The premise of this program is to assist, guide and accelerate the development of the group’s future construction leaders, while building relationships across our various business units. To date, all our sessions have been excellent and we’re excited to move this program forward and to add more future leaders to the program. As we further develop the program and learn from ongoing session, we hope to create a very significant education experience that focuses on leadership and technical know-how for developing construction leadership and running our construction businesses, projects and departments. Our senior leaders always look forward to working with many of our future leaders in all departments and business units over the course of this program.

As illustrated here on Day 2 of the program, leadership from MetroCan, Scott Construction and the JV Driver Group’s head office all provide leadership tips, feedback on innovation and implementation to further develop our people. We’ve seen incredible engagement from all teams through this session!

Construction leadership from across the group provide feedback to the students

Leaders from across the group discuss innovation with the team

For information on Next Gen and training with our teams, please Click Here

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