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Next Generation Leaders Program

One of our Graduation Classes!


Training and Development

The Training and Development team provides training and development opportunities for employees within the JVDG. Our team works with all of its employees to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities to meet organizational strategy and goals.

JV Driver University

JV Driver University has a series of courses available to its employees that help build skills and knowledge.  These courses range from technical (scheduling, cost, progress) to development skills (time management, communication, presentation skills) etc.

Next Generation Leaders Program

The purpose of NGLP is to provide future leaders with skill development opportunities, reinforce JVDG culture and build relationships. These goals are achieved by ensuring the program focusses on key leadership skills that drive the business across all enterprises. The program has in class sessions focused on leadership competencies, team building activities that build relationships and business updates that reinforce our culture.

The program content is comprised of 9 leadership competencies specific to JVDG. The leadership competencies are as follows:


  • Build Trust
  • Get it Done
  • Understand Yourself

Team Leadership

  • Take Care of Your People
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Encourage Innovation

Organizational Leadership

  • Align Teams and Encourage Collaboration
  • Set and Communicate Direction
  • Drive High Performance
Construction leadership and safety training

Workplace and Site Training

The Training and Development team provides additional training specific to an employee career growth, job task, and overall efficiency, quality and safety training.

Some Examples of Site Training

Safety Training

Examples of this training include the Aerial Work Platform (AWP) obstacle course, which allows our employees to prove their competency prior to the real thing.

Engineering Training Opportunities

An example of this training would include  our teams at DF Barnes/BiFab, which have teamed up with Lews Castle College UHI and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) to provide new engineering training opportunities with the Yards.

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