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Container Venting 

In 2018, WorkSafe BC released a bulletin highlighting the explosion risk associated with shipping containers, "shipping containers are designed to be watertight, which means they are well sealed with little or no ventilation. They have a robust structure that can withstand high levels of internal pressure. These qualities are ideal for shipping purposes, but they present risks when shipping containers
are used outside the shipping industry."

WorkSafe further explained the risk, stating, "the ability of a shipping container to withstand high levels of internal pressure increases the risk of explosion."
To eliminate this risk, the team cuts out 4 small ventilation holes, two up near to top edge of the can and two lower down the side, this allows the natural ventilation to force any combustible gases to escape the sea-can. The team then covers the holes with a heavy metal mesh to keep rodents and foreign object out of the container. This modification has become standard for all sea-cans utilized by the IDL team.

This great innovation solved an identified industry risk. This innovation eliminates a hazard and the possibility of serious injury or fatality to our people. Thank you to all involved!

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