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Spotter Flag 

Many of the JV Driver Group's construction projects and facilities utilize operated equipment on a regular basis and ensuring zero harm when operating this equipment is a priority for all teams. With this priority in mind, and a little TDBB thinking the team developed the spotter flag!

When operating heavy equipment it can be very difficult to focus on both the work at hand and the spotter, especially when that work is in close proximity to people, equipment or structures. Depending on the work, the spotter can be located out of direct line of sight, making this an even more difficult task. By providing the spotters with flags that are designed to be thrown and are highly visible, the spotter can immediately notify the operator of any hazard by throwing the flag directly into their line of sight, prompting a full stop.

This innovation has proven extremely effective on the sites where it has been used, and it provides a low cost, high impact option for spotters to complete their role. This is a great example of innovative thinking that has improved site safety and spotter effectiveness. Thinking Different and Building Better - Great work by all involved!

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