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Construction Leadership – Learning and Development JVDU

What is JVDU?

JV Driver University is our world-class, virtual learning management system that offers on-demand skill development and core competency training.

What is the purpose of JVDU?

The purpose of JVDU is to deliver, manage and measure employee learning and development across the JV Driver Group while simultaneously driving engagement, boosting productivity and promoting continuous learning, skill building and career development.

What do we want to achieve through JVDU?

  • Build the best people for key positions by increasing their knowledge, skills and competencies.
  • Continue to grow our business by improving our capabilities through learning and development.
  • Create an effective blended approach to learning that combines JVDU with external secondary education, and on the job training.

Leadership in Learning and Development

What’s new at JVDU?

JVDU Launches:

The Learning and Development Team has been hard at work launching the new platform to many companies across the JVD Group in 2019. Fluor Driver, IDL, DFBarnes, DFB Driver and Metro-Can Construction have successfully launched and we are seeing engagement and plenty of excitement around the new learning platform.

If your launch has not happened yet, stay tuned as it is right around the corner and will be happening in early 2020.


A new learning platform warrants a tagline which speaks to our vision and mission and JVDU is about “Building Great People”.


A new JVDU App has launched! This app, called Absorb Learn will allow learners to access JVDU courses through their iOS and Android mobile devices, including phones, iPadsD, and tablets. If your company has launched JVDU, you will be able to download the app from the app store and login.

Stay tuned for more on what’s new in 2020 for JVDU!

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