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Innovation Leadership – Shackle Dolly

A shout out to Dean Kulchisky for the innovative Shackle Dolly!

Thank you to Dean Kulchisky of the Fluor Driver Team for the idea to build a shackle dolly. Large shackles can weigh between 50 – 160lbs, the shackles require 2 individuals to carry them. The dense, but small size, creates a small working space for 2 individuals to position themselves and carry the load safely. A “Dolly” was designed to pick the shackles from the hangers by cradling it in a saddle. The height of the dolly cantilevers the weight, reducing the load on the operator. Mounted on wheels, the operator can then relocate the shackles outside the C-Can with ease, lowering it onto a pallet, where it can then be transported with equipment. A great idea, thanks Dean! Check out this innovation and more on our Innovation Page


Innovation Fluor Driver

The Innovative Shackle Dolly


If being part of a team that takes Innovation serious is important to you, please check out our careers page, we love new team members and fresh ideas! 

– Think Different, Build Better 

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