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At JV Driver we believe in "Thinking Different and Building Better" in everything we do, this includes going one step further and bringing innovation to our AWP training, by using practical applications on top of our industry standard work. This was the idea behind our Aerial Work Platform (AWP) obstacle course, which allows our employees to prove their competency prior to the real thing.

During the obstacle course, employees conduct pre-operational and operational checks before navigating through the course to capture a flag at various points. The goal is to be able to capture the flag without hitting any of the supporting scaffolding. In addition, they have a spotter on the ground in order to simulate the congested work areas they will be working in. Once they have completed the course, they are given a card and a hardhat sticker that deems them competent to work in the yard. In rare cases, if an individual needs more training, they are paired up with a competent operator until they can successfully complete the course. The average time it takes to complete the entire course is only 1.5 hours per person, but the positive benefits will be seen the entire time they're on the yard.

thinking differently about AWP training

AWP training course

Since our Aerial Work Platform innovation has been implemented, worker vigilance while operating has been at an all-time high while incidents are at an all-time low. Also, our employees have found it to not only be a useful and effective means to utilize this type of heavy-equipment, but simply a fun exercise to perform!
What does this innovation translate into? For one, it results in a lower cost and a better service for our company, our clients, and our partners. But more importantly, it means that our employees are more confident, careful, and vigilant out in the yard, so that at the end of the day, they get to return to their families and loved ones unharmed and healthy.
The AWP training obstacle course is just one of our many commitments to being an industry leader in both Innovation and Safety.
At the JV Driver Group, we take care of each other! Interested in more training information? 
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