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CISE Award

CISE Award JV Driver Industrial Services was awarded the CISE award.  Todd Robinson, President of JVDIS and John Costain, VP, Operations, JVDIS represented us all on November 13th at the Gala in Houston to receive the award on behalf of the entire team.  The award is presented to teams “Honored for their Outstanding Achievements in…

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Safety Innovation – The Safety Sponsor

Crew engagement at its best! The safety sponsor innovation drives engagement with the crew and gets them involved and participating in the safety program and the safety of their teams. This innovation was developed at the workface by the people actually executing the work. The safety teams work with the daily safety sponsor and make…

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Winter Safety – Dress for the Temperature

Summer is over and Winter is here! Up north in Edmonton, unlike those teams in beautiful Arizona or Houston, that means the weather will begin to slowly move its way below freezing. People often don’t think about their clothing and safety being related, but it can be an extremely important factor in your personal safety…

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Innovation – Real Time Equipment Inspection Reporting

It wasn’t too long ago that the equipment group completed, assembled and packaged, by hand, their inspection sheets and auxiliary information, then batch submitting their inspection report packages. It then took time for the package to be received, sorted and reviewed. Only once this process took place could equipment be schedule for repair, maintenance or…

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The Importance of Stretching in Construction

At the JV Driver Group we understand construction and fabrication can be hard work and we’re committed to doing anything and everything it takes to keep our employees safe and that includes doing a short but effective daily stretch before we begin our workday. It is one of the often-overlooked ways to prevent on-site injuries…

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