Improve Your Asset Performance

The JV Driver Group has a strong plant maintenance offerings across North America.

Fluor Driver is a recognized leader in plant maintenance, turnarounds, small capital – and particularly safety – across Canada. Fluor Driver is the coming together of two complementary companies with decades of experience and a continuous investment in innovation. Our mission is to maintain and improve the performance of our client’s industrial assets. Our methods result in sustainable performance improvements by reducing plant downtime and quickly returning assets to full operating mode. In addition, we have extensive engineering and fabrication capability across North America, should the need arise. This breadth and depth of capability, including the innovative labour approaches of JV Driver Group and the global experience and strength of Fluor create an offering that others simply can’t match.

In the US, JV Driver Group offers maintenance, turnaround and small capital capability from its operations in Houston, Texas. Again the focus remains on client asset performance and we have innovative reliability programs that keep plants operating and save money.

Below are some examples of our work with Imperial Oil, ConocoPhillips, Suncor Energy, Husky and other major companies.


Deep experience and learning from around the globe
Industry-leading safety performance
Proven, systematic approaches to improving plant efficiency
Timely access to key resources through innovative labour approaches


Sample of Maintenance Work

Kearl Maintenance

Ft. McMurray, AB

Imperial Oil

Fluor Driver has a long term agreement with Imperial Oil to provide plant maintenance services at its Kearl site. Specifically, the  scope includes: mechanical maintenance, small capital construction, turnaround services, planning, procurement, subcontractor management, surveillance operators, and startup/commissioning support.

Mechanical Services

Norman Wells, NT

Imperial Oil

Fluor Driver has been awarded a 5 year mechanical services maintenance contract for the Norman Wells and the Alberta Conventional Oil and Gas sites. The scope includes the provision of management, supervision, labour, tools, equipment, subcontracts, and bulk materials necessary to perform the mechanical services associated with ongoing plant maintenance and any required shutdowns/turnarounds support. Specific mechanical services include structural steel, piping, rotating equipment and pipeline replacement and repairs, pumpjack repair and maintenance, along with civil services including ice road construction and maintenance.

Suncor Turnarounds

Fort McMurray, AB

Suncor Energy

Fluor Driver entered into an agreement with Suncor to provide services for multiple turnarounds at several facilities. The first turnaround is for executing mechanical work in Plants 54/55 and the Diesel Plant at their Firebag plant. Planning began in September 2015 with the 28 day turnaround scheduled for April 2016. This turnaround is expected to require 70,000 manhours to complete.

Husky Sunrise

Fort McMurray, AB

Husky Energy

Our team was awarded a contract to provide sustaining capital projects for Husky. The work is broken into fabrication, debottlenecking and new construction components. The fabrication scope of work includes steel and pipe fabrication and module construction for 14 modules. The construction includes the temporary SRU, repair of the current SRU, well pad work, setting of modules, and water cooler installation.


Surmont, AB

Millennium Group

Fluor Driver provided planning and execution for the Phase 1 SAGD facility turnaround. The scope of work included exchanger maintenance, boiler and associated pressure piping maintenance and repair, specialty welding, scaffolding, and hole watch, planning and scheduling. The turnaround was one of the largest of its kind ever completed in Canada, and involved hundreds of contractors and employees. It was recognized by the client for both for its importance and its success.

Williams Turnaround

Redwater, AB

Williams Redwater

Our team completed the Williams Energy Redwater Deethanizer turnaround. In all respects the turnaround was a resounding success. The project team completed the turnaround, without a first aid or medical incident. The turnaround was completed in five days plus one hour lock-to-lock, beating our own schedule of five and a half days and far exceeding Williams Energy’s original goal of seven days.

Steady State Maintenance

In Steady State Maintenance our deep experience really comes to the fore. Where we start is with a clear alignment of goals with our clients: safety, plant up-time, constant pursuit of efficiencies. To do this we take a systematic approach with a sense of urgency always focused on client goals. With our exceptional level of experience and best practices learned through the years we work as one team with our clients to improve plant operations. Below are some specific examples of how we do our work.

Asset Performance Improvement
As part of our offering Fluor Driver uses proven, measurable asset performance improvement techniques which assist clients with improving the effectiveness of their assets, processes, people and equipment. Our experts identify gaps between a client’s current state and industry best practices, then develops a plan to close those gaps with clear articulation of the scope, benefits, resources, schedule and cost.

An example around equipment would see our reliability team create an inventory of all equipment and develop failure mode scenarios with special emphasis on mission critical pieces. Then we develop preventive and predictive maintenance tasks and inspection approaches to improve equipment reliability. A systematic failure elimination program is also implemented to continually make run-time improvements. Our planning and scheduling team evaluates and works with your work order system to ensure that work is properly identified, planned, approved, scheduled, and executed in a manner that increases employee performance for outages and day-to-day work.

A Heavy Emphasis on Analysis and Planning
Analysis and planning are at the core of our approach. Using proven business risk management techniques we place heavy emphasis on planning, risk identification and mitigation before a wrench is turned. Our formalized and systematic risk management techniques have been developed over many years and have proven highly effective at identifying, assessing, managing, monitoring and addressing risks. Specifically, identified risks are qualitatively rated based on the severity of the potential consequences as well as the likelihood of the event, and prioritized accordingly. Mitigation strategies are researched and evaluated for capability, feasibility, cost effectiveness, and preference. Common mitigation strategies include avoiding, transferring, reducing, and/or accepting the risk and its consequences. Once the preferred strategies have been selected, cost and benefit opportunities are evaluated, detailed action plans are documented along with due dates and responsible parties, and the plan is then reviewed and approved by management.

And we do all this on a timely and cost-effective basis.

Turnarounds and Outages

Fluor Driver in combination with its parent companies performs or supports more than 100 turnarounds, shutdowns, and outages annually for power generation, oil and gas, chemical, and other industrial clients. Whether for emergency repairs, capital project tie-ins, or major shutdowns requiring several hundred craft workers, we have the management and staffing expertise to safely and successfully execute these time-critical events.

Our turnaround teams follow a disciplined, multi-phase approach to plan, schedule, staff, and execute turnarounds of all sizes. Fluor Driver works closely with clients to develop a progressive series of implementation plans, beginning well in advance of the turnaround start date and concluding with post-project performance reviews.

Our steady-state maintenance and sustaining capital project teams frequently perform turnarounds, shutdowns, and outages as part of their onsite work activities.

Small Capital and Sustaining Capital Projects

We understand the importance and bottom-line impact of effective small capital projects and sustaining capital programs, where cost and speed, while maintaining safety, are paramount. This again is an area of strength because of our experience in performing this type of work for so many years. In fact, many cost-effective, high-value small capital opportunities are identified as a result of analysis by our Steady State Maintenance teams or a specific consulting engagement with some of our efficiency experts.

In many cases these projects are particularly cost effective as our Steady State Maintenance teams often play a large role in completing this work. This approach not only affects cost, it results in better project outcomes due to existing relationships with client engineering and operations people and their deep understanding of the plant design and operation.