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Construction Leadership – Next Gen Program

Leadership in Construction   We’re excited to have our third group of students currently going through our Next Generation Leaders Program. The premise of this program is to assist, guide and accelerate the development of the group’s future construction leaders, while building relationships across our various business units. To date, all our sessions have been excellent…

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Innovation – Spotter Flag

Spotter Flag  Many of the JV Driver Group’s construction projects and facilities utilize operated equipment on a regular basis and ensuring zero harm when operating this equipment is a priority for all teams. With this priority in mind, and a little TDBB thinking the team developed the spotter flag! When operating heavy equipment it can…

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Safety Innovation – The Safety Sponsor

Crew engagement at its best! The safety sponsor innovation drives engagement with the crew and gets them involved and participating in the safety program and the safety of their teams. This innovation was developed at the workface by the people actually executing the work. The safety teams work with the daily safety sponsor and make…

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A Blast From the Past – Payroll Innovation

This is a shout out to the teams and people who have been driving our innovation from the very beginning. In this example, we remember back to the days of our paper systems, paper processes and the people who helped us break free. Do you remember when pay stubs were printed and handed out? One…

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